Valentine Feast with Families In An Abandoned Settlement

Every Visit tells a story.

Yesterday, In celebration of  LOVE(Valentine), Team Remarkable embarked on a journey through water to organize a special Valentine’s Treat for the people of Edonwick Village, off Eastern Obolo, Akwa Ibom state.

Our visit was simply an expression and extension of our LOVE  towards them, and to remind them that they are not forgotten as we also hope that someday, they will witness development. 

It is so pathetic that this community and her people since it’s existence(over 50years), has never had electricity, good drinking water, not even a single bore hole,  except they travel miles to other community to buy. The children are left to stay at home, assisting their parents to fish due to non availability of a learning environment and educational materials. Their living condition is so bad that there is no single block house except for thatch houses all over, and a sandy ground to lay their heads on. 

We discovered that they spend majority of their life, Day and nights fishing because that is their only source of lively hood and food that can be easily eaten as there are no lands to farm. Now, Despite these limitations,  they have learned to live in happiness, love, peace and harmony as one.

Indeed true love knows no barrier, it only requires a prepared heart that is ready to make an effort. 

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