R.O.L.E – Recreating Our Learning Environment

Every visit Tells a Story.

(In changing the world, it requires an act of kindness one step at a time.

Team MRA visits Egwe town school, Oguta LGA of Imo state to donate writing materials, school uniforms and sandals to her pupils.

Egwe Town school has been in existence since 1912, over 100 years yet her pupils(450 in number) still struggle to learn in a conducive environment. Despite the fact that most of them stand or sit on the floor to learn, when it rains, the school becomes flooded putting teaching to a halt. The Headmistress also complained bitterly that whenever it rains the school becomes unsafe for the kids and it prevents them from going to school.

These pupils deserve the right to Quality Education, they are the NEW NIGERIA, we foresee,  hence this appeal goes to the government of Imo state, Non Governmental organizations, and other Nigerians as well to come to their aid. If we must raise responsible citizens tomorrow who will be committed to the growth and development of this nation, then we must not neglect their educational foundation today. 

Thanks to the staffs of Egwe Town school for the cooperation and warm reception especially the Headmistress who assisted us in the selection process. 

Thanks to our sponsors,  partners, team members, volunteers and all who contributed towards the success of this.

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