Protecting the Girl-child is our Collective Responsibility

Every pre-visit tells a story.

There has been this trendy case of a 10 years old who just put to birth, she was a victim of abuse and constant rape at an IDP camp. While we cannot undo what has happened, we can take preventive measures to reduce such evil re-occurences. 

The question becomes, how much of Sex education do these teenagers know, how informed are they about the psychological, emotional, and biological effect of sex on teens, what do they understand about their reproductive health, how bold are they to speak up when they are abused, and even when they do, what are those laws on ground to punish the perpetrators of these acts.

Until we balance these equations, we can’t fix a solution to curbing this menace.

Join us as we will be visiting one of the IDP camps in Abuja for a sensitization tour and free medical outreach  tomorrow, 8th August 2019 to contribute our bit. 

While we keep creating social awareness for this,  We also encourage everyone to find time to teach their kids about sex education,  teach them what CONSENT is, build a relationship with them that can enable them speak up. Finally, Protect the next child like they are yours. We don’t have to wait till it happens to anyone close to us before we can see the need to be involved in proffering solutions to saving every child’s life

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