Project monitoring, Update on the Bore Hole Donated to Edonwick Village

A visit back to Edonwik village to peruse how the borehole provided by Mary Remarkable Foundation is being used and how efficient it is to the villagers.

So far, we are impressed with how it is being managed. Due to the fact that this community is yet to have access to electricity, we provided a generator to them through a donor, and we are impressed at how coordinated they task themselves to follow up other necessities. 

Here is another GOOD NEWS. Edonwick children will be having their first classroom blocks,  courtesy of my project coordinator Nehture Edet, the founder of SMART GANG.The first stage has been completed; we had a dialogue with the community leaders about our intentions and allocation of a land space and all legal documents were presented . Stay tuned..  

As young people, we will keep giving out our best service to humanity and in building a better society.

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