Future Secured Project: 32 Children Awarded Scholarships

Several children roam the streets in Nigeria on a daily basis either hawking or idling away while their mates are in school. We discovered that their inability to afford basic tuition fees hindered them from accessing quality education.

Education is paramount to the growth of any society. An uninformed society is a deformed one. The United Nations understood the role of quality education in nation building and included it as one of its Sustainable Development Goals since 2002.

At Mary Remarkable Foundation, we believe every kid deserves quality education; hence, the need for the Future Secured Project. Our goal is to ensure that numeracy and literacy is achieved at the Foundational level.

Thirty two (32) children have benefited from the first phase of the project which kicked off in January, 2020, as we joined the world to mark the International Education Day.

We believe with the FUTURE SECURED Project, the Future of Every Child can be secured.




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