January - July, 2020 Nigeria

    All children no matter where they live or the circumstances surrounding their livelihood deserves the right to Education.

     The FUTURE SECURED project aims to advocate the importance of CHILDHOOD EDUCATION and the Necessity for it to be prioritized. This project seeks to reduce the over 10.5 million Nigerian Children that are out of school and ensuring that as much as we can, we support them back to school .

    Why childhood Education?

    Childhood education is the foundation through which a child is prepared for all forms of education. It is the period when a child is taught basic life skills, values, ethics, the fundamentals of life needed to fit into the society therefore if a child misses this important stage of education, it becomes difficult to go back to the bases.

    According to Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. In other words, the quality of care and education which a child receives at this crucial stage will determine to a great extent, the level of his or her physical and cognitive development in the future. 

    Children when taught good values at a tender age stay open minded and kind to everyone, they begin to possess the attitude to build a world of no war but mutual understanding.  Join us in Making the world a better place by sponsoring a child back to school.

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