Donation of Bore hole to Edonwick village In support of Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation


Every Visit Tells a Story…

This time History was made… a burst of so much emotions on this story (PLEASE READ)

Even as we travelled by road and water for several days, spent countless nights just to make this happen. We are glad it was totally worth it.

Finally, after over 100years of their existence without clean and healthy water, God has used the Mary Remarkable Foundation to change the narrative for the people of Edonwick village.

Edonwick Village in Iko community, Eastern Obolo Local Government Area, now have access to CLEAN WATER.

Indeed, Humanity survives on the premises of Love and Compassion. It is on this note that we count it a great privilege to have been called to serve humanity and contribute towards solving societal challenges as We hope to do MORE.

While we give God the glory for this great testimony and possibility, The story of Edonwick village is one that questions the heart of man and the place of a constituted authority. Despite being an oil producing community,  they have never had access to electricity, a school building, a medical centre, not even a block house. How pathetic it is to note that our water project according to the village chief was the first time a cement is entering the community.

To those who contributed towards our fundraising, we did it because we had your massive support, on behalf of the people of Edonwick village, we say God bless you.

To those who would love to partner and sponsor on our next project, please feel free to Contact Us

We will do MORE with your support and by God’s grace.

Photography by Promise Mbakara of Excel Imagery.



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