Mary Remarkable Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization founded and saddled with the responsibility of helping the less privileged in our society, creating educational opportunities for pupils/students in the rural communities, Community development and empowering young people to promote self-reliance.

The foundation is fully registered with the co-operate affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with CAC/IT/NO77072 and is being coordinated by Remarkable Mary, her Team and Board of Trustees.

To create a community of togetherness, where selfless service,
love, peace and unity is at its peak.

To reach out to the needy, inspire the younger generation and promote
excellence among youths.

MOTTO: Adding value to Humanity


  • Integrity
  • Selfless Service
  • Accountability
  • Focus
  • Passion/Compassion
  • Humanity


    • To create educational opportunities
      for the less privileged.
    • To empower the poor in the society
      t h r o u g h  e m p o w e r m e n t
      programmes, this in turn creates
      employment opportunities
    • Provision of Basic amenities to rural
    • Provision of humanitarian services in
      places of conflict and natural
    • To give support to the aged,
      motherless babies and deserted
    • To provide social care and support
      for youths, vulnerable women,
      children, orphans and widows.


  •  Building our Nation is a collective responsibility.
  • Investing in Education is protecting the future.
  • Helping the poor is a necessity.
  • Nobody can help everybody but everybody can help
  • We give, not because we have much, but because we
    understand the pain of not having.


  • Education (Fees payment and provision of school materials)
  • Training (Skills acquisition)
  • Agriculture (Provision of aids to rural farmers)
  • Community Development (Provision of learning centres,
    borehole, Power Supply)
  • Health Care (Free Medicals)
  • Empowerment


  • Fund Raising
  • Funds from well-meaning Nigerians, home and abroad
    who understand the need for human development
  • Funds from other NGOs who pursue same objectives.
  • Funds from private companies and Cooperatives.
  • Funds from Churches


The foundation was conceived by a young amazon, Remarkable Mary Akpan, at 18years of age. Her compassion for the poor, sick and physically challenged prompted her to form the above foundation.

In her words “ Foundations are owned by people who are financially buoyant to reach out to humanity, but I choose to start one at my teen age because I believe it is about the content of the heart, hence nothing is little to give to someone in need”.
She is a writer, Public Speaker, doubles as the publisher of Remarkable Times Magazine and the Author of ‘Youthful & Useful’, a motivational book to inspire and encourage young people on how to maximize their youthful age.

As a public speaker with motivational prowess, she has attended several fora to speak and represent the youths. Her passion and works towards youth development has made her a paradigm to many youngsters, encouraging them to discover their purpose and engage in self-development.

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