A visit to IDP camp, Abuja to sensitize teenage girls on Menstrual Hygiene and Health Education

Every visit tells a Story.

Life in the Internally displaced persons Camp (IDP camp) is never a pleasant one, as majority of them are stripped off their families, natural habitat , means of livelihood and are at the mercy of God for survival.

While the government is responsible for the management and protection of IDP situations,  it is our social and collective responsibility to support these mechanisms.

We at Mary Remarkable Foundation contributed our bit by addressing some concerns related to the teenage girls through the “Teach, Save and Protect Sentization Tour” because we believe it takes an informed mind to make quality decisions as we await and are hopeful that the government will Ratify Laws to Protect the Girl-Child.

This Tour cut across a Free Medical Outreach, Counselling Sessions and Distribution of relieve materials.

A big thank you to the Medical Team, Our Abuja volunteers and everyone who made this possible.

Special thanks to our Partners, Mike-spring Initiative,  Future Assured, Ibila Transport Line, Platinum Innovative, Johnpeter photography, NANS, Youth Support For Good Leadership Foundation. Your support made all this possible. Thank you.


To those who would love to partner and sponsor on our next project, please feel free to Contact Us

To God be the Glory.

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