A Community Outreach to Provide Clean Water to Edonwick Village

“Thousands had lived without Love but not one without water”

In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6 “CLEAN WATER AND SANITATION” we are about to share a story of how the people of Edonwick village in Iko community, Eastern Obolo will finally be accessing clean water after over 100 years of existence. 

We first visited them sometime in February 14th,  in celebration of Valentine’s Day where we discovered that since inception,  they have never had access to ELECTRICITY, a SCHOOL BUILDING, HEALTH CARE FACILITIES, CLEAN/SAFE DRINKING WATER and other forms of development yet they are an oil producing community. 

Providing them their first access to clean drinking water has been a project in our heart for months and I am glad it is becoming a reality as we look forward to its unveiling.

Clean water and sanitation is a necessity. 

Lend your voice to this campaign as we will be Using Edonwick village to reach out and do more. Want to join us and be a VOICE? Say Hi and a link will be sent to you.

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Community Outreach

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